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We're celebrating February!

This month our Kidsimply family celebrated a milestone.

A year ago we decided to launch our Kidsimplyshop to celebrate all that it means to be part of a family and to connect, celebrate and empower parents from different backgrounds.

Our goal was to create an online store that showcases brands/products that celebrate, empower and inspire families of all backgrounds that diversity is a special gift.

We wanted to appeal to a community that shares the same belief that quality products, made sustainably and sourced as locally as possible, don't have to cost the earth. They can even add value in social, cultural and environmental terms and help parents make their everyday lives less stressful.

Despite all the challenges, we are very proud that we have stayed true to these beliefs and continue to do our small part to make the world a more inclusive and sustainable place to live.

Your family Kamya

Black history month

This month celebrates Black History Month, an annual occasion that originated in the United States to celebrate African Americans and raise awareness of Black history.

This celebration also reminds us of the importance of representation, identity and diversity. Each of us is unique and that's a good thing. With the skin color pencils, children can finally paint themselves and their friends as they really look.

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International Women in Science Day

We celebrate the achievements of women known and unknown, remembered and forgotten, who paved the way for us in science today, and we give children, girls and boys, the opportunity to choose role models in science.

Our featured product Cece Loves Science is a STEM motivational book that is beautifully illustrated and cleverly written to engage inquisitive young minds.

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valentines day

It is a day to express our love and gratitude to our loved ones. However, despite the high of joy associated with the character of the holiday, many children can also experience feelings of fear and rejection on the day.

To combat these feelings of self-doubt that might arise in our children, it is important to teach our children the true meaning of this day: to be kind to one another and to appreciate each individual for who they are, despite their differences.

Let's shower our kids with hugs, kisses, and positive affirmations. Our beautiful and detailed crocheted handmade dolls are made and packaged with love.

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International Mother Language Day

Languages ​​and multilingualism play an important role in building inclusive societies, promoting language and preserving cultural heritage. In Germany, for example, migration has influenced the German language and not only changed the appearance of many places and cities in Germany, but also left its mark on German culture.

Our book recommendation "Mama Superstar" tells the story of eleven courageous portraits about unconditional love and cultural diversity. It takes us on a journey to war-torn South Korea, hot India, vibrant Mexico and hopeful Iraq, among other places. Above all, however, the book takes us to the places where the daughters of migrant mothers grew up: to quiet Kelkheim, to orderly Stuttgart and to multicultural Berlin.

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