What About Me? Said the Flea


The book celebrates the power of imagination, determination, and the good things that come in teeny tiny packages.

When a little girl sits down at her desk one day to write a story, she struggles to find her inspiration.

Luckily for her there's a whole host of potential picture-book characters who want to be the star of her story and make their cases convincingly. There's the magical, proud unicorn with sparkly hooves and a glittery horn. There are the big, burly bears hosting a picnic, the loveable llamas in pyjamas, the stylish sloth, the lion, the penguins, and even a roar-some, claw-some dinosaur .

But, unnoticed by the little girl, an even littler flea is hopping and jumping around, hoping to be the one she chooses to write a story about. "What about me?" it cries.

With all the big characters and commotion, will the flea ever be noticed?

We recommend this book for children aged 2 years and up.

Product Information

  • Language: English
  • Print length: 32 pages
  • Reading age: 2-5 years

We love it because


No one is ever too small to do big things, be noticed. A fun an empowering picture book for all the little kids who may feel unnoticed. 

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Lily grew up in the wilds of snowy nowhere, spending much of her time talking to animals and making up stories. She has continued to do this in her adult life, and now writes both fiction and non-fiction books for children.