Why is Daddy Crying?


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Why is daddy crying? is a wonderful reading experience for children aged around 3 and up, in which children can feel compassion and think about what makes them sad or happy. Exciting and touching at the same time, Kristina Murray Brodin and Bettina Johansson manage to forge a valuable story in which every child can see themselves.


A small important note:

A trigger warning announces topics that can be disturbing, extremely stressful or retraumatizing. These are, for example, topics such as mental disorders, violence, addiction or death.

Why is dad crying? is a book full of experiences that can trigger strong feelings, as it deals with sad but also happy tears. So the page where the “dad” is chased by a woman with a rolling pin could bring back traumatic memories. The picture of “dad” lying on his chaise longue because he “eaten too many sweets” can also remind us of something else. The deaths of various people are also discussed. The book offers a child-friendly opportunity to talk about deeply sad situations with a child. The experiences or assumptions as to why “dad” might cry are those of the two children, Hamsa and Alvdis. The book invites conversations: Why are YOU sad sometimes? What are YOUR feelings? What have YOU already experienced? The pages in Why is Dad crying? where these experiences are presented could actually be triggering, but also, and therefore very importantly, offer children a space to talk openly about THEIR experiences and feelings.


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