Drum Dream Girl



A girl dreams of being allowed to beat the drums. But on their island only men and boys are allowed to play this instrument. Her longing for the sound of the congas, the bongos, the timbales is so strong that she hears and feels the rhythm of the drum everywhere around and within her. Her dreams are filled with her passion for creating rhythmic music and making music together with her sisters.
But the adults' warnings force them to initially drum in secret. Following her deep desire, her father enables her to receive training from a music teacher. Encouraged in her talent, she learns the art of drumming. She enchants her audience and breaks the conventions of the island. From now on, girls are also allowed to play the drums.

Like drum beats, every syllable of this poetic text accompanies the reader on the journey of the snare drum dream girl. Based on a true story from Cuba, this colorfully illustrated story shows girls and boys that they can dream without limits


Children's book, Hardcover

Reading age: 4 years and older

Hardcover: 48 pages

Language: German


We love it because


We really like the story. She encourages the children to hold on to their dreams and wishes, to stand behind them and not to simply let them dissuade them. But it also shows that everyone can and is allowed to learn and do everything... regardless of whether it is a girl or a boy. Conventions and established patterns of thought are questioned, broken through, overcome and hope, dreams and courage are strengthened!

The illustrations are very bright and colorful.


About the publisher

The gratitude publishing house was founded in 2019 by the actress, speaker and author Dayan Kodua. It stands for communicating diversity and empowerment through stories and is one of the few publishers that exclusively publishes books with BPoC heroes. By identifying with these diverse heroes, children and young people of all backgrounds should be encouraged to discover their own potential. In this way, gratitude Verlag actively contributes to a diverse German literary landscape and a positively developing society.

At the same time, gratitude Verlag would like to help BPoC newcomer authors and illustrators gain more visibility. Because it is difficult to gain a foothold in the literary world as a person who has been part of the white majority society since birth, for BPoC authors and illustrators it means a completely different kind of struggle and requires a different kind of courage to achieve the same goal. Gratitude Verlag recognizes this and wants to give precisely these people the opportunity to reach children and young people with their words or pictures.