Craft set X-ray animals



Take on the role of an explorer and discover wild animals: their majestic and enigmatic stature, their silky furs, their sharp canine teeth… and their impressive skeletons!

The bag contains 5 animals to assemble + a magic lamp:

- Start reading the fun facts about animals

- Mount the animals

- Make the animals glow with the magic lamp included in the kit: what surprises! Their skeletons, invisible to the naked eye, appear under the rays of the lamp!

What can one learn?

The skeleton of wild animals: The small texts are full of funny anecdotes (did you know that zebra stripes are unique? They are like our fingerprints and scientists scan them to count them! Talk to your children and examine the skeleton in detail.

Languages ​​- on the packaging there are 3 languages: English - French - Spanish. Instructions in the kit in 5 languages: English - French - Spanish - Dutch - German

Whatever we like:

Manufacturing in Europe. Compiled by disabled workers in France.