Kami & Mika – The fantastic journey to Wolkenhain (hardcover)


Be yourself!

The exciting adventure story of "Kami and Mika" takes place in a fantasy world where everyone is allowed to be who they are and helpfulness is very important. And if a Wolkenhaini is in need, Kami and Mika are of course there.

The book is brimming with imaginative ideas about how the world could be more exciting and, above all, fairer. There are very special magical creatures, such as flying cows, self-confident Wuppis and talking houses.

A funny read about friendship with the message: You are exactly right the way you are! A great adventure in which children grow beyond themselves.

Also take a look at the second part of the series: Kami & Mika – The secret of the magical whirlpool.

For reading aloud and reading for yourself from 5 to 10 years.


It's great fun to accompany the twins Kami and Mika on their exciting journey to Wolkenhain. The story is full of fantasy and excitement - at the same time, themes such as friendship, appreciation and diversity play a central role and make the book a true treasure.


About the author

Regina Feldmann has always enjoyed taking people on journeys, whether through fictional stories or real experiences. Therefore, after studying tourism management, she worked in the tourism and events industry for over ten years. The journey took her from Malta to Dublin, via New York City, Porto and finally Berlin, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Regina Feldmann is involved in collectives and projects that promote diversity in children's literature and reviews children's and young people's books on the Afrokids Germany social media channel.

“Kami and Mika – The Fantastic Journey to Wolkenhain” is their debut.