PlanToys sensory blocks wooden building blocks made of rubber wood


Mind blocks for discovery and amazement

The wooden building blocks from PlanToys are much more than building blocks, some rattle, ring, have a field to feel or have visual surprises, such as a mirror or a magnifying glass. When playing with Montessori toys, the senses are stimulated and motor skills are trained. Colorfully painted with water-based paints (solvent-free). With practical cotton bag with drawstring. This way everything stays together after playing. Baby and children's toys made of rubber wood, environmentally friendly and socially fair. For children from 1 year old.

  • Sensory and discovery blocks made of rubber wood, colorfully painted (solvent-free)
  • 10 wooden building blocks with different functions, cotton bag
  • Schult Motor Skills and Senses
  • Environmentally friendly and socially fair production
  • Dimensions of individual cubes 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm

Warning notice

Danger! Not suitable for children under 1 year. Risk of injury.

We love it because


PlanToys is known for environmentally friendly wooden toys that promote development and fun. They make sustainable children's toys from old rubber trees.

Discover what great products Plantoys still has to offer in our range. 

About the brand

Sustainably made in Thailand
Nearly four decades of mindful business practices and close attention to product design make PlanToys an unrivaled developmental toy manufacturer.  

We are convinced of the PlanToys concept because production is absolutely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Natural rubber is first produced on our own rubber tree plantations. After a few years, the trees no longer produce rubber. Now its second life begins as a raw material for toy production. The logs are processed directly into toys. Some of the roots and other parts of the tree are used to generate energy in the company's own power plant. The energy is used to produce the toys. Excess energy is delivered to surrounding villages.

The revolutionary Planwood is also made from the leftover wood, sawdust and natural pigments. A raw material for toy production is produced by pressing under high pressure and temperature. Planwood is completely colored and waterproof. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 40% because the entire tree is recycled. After clearing, the plantations are immediately reforested and the cycle begins again.

In addition to nature, PlanToys also has the well-being of its employees in mind. There is a free lunch, small loans and other services such as shopping in the company's own supermarket, which is run not for profit. Employees' children are cared for and individually supported on the company premises.