Washable bamboo cloths - The reusable kitchen roll


A whole roll of sustainability
The pandoo kitchen paper made from bamboo fibers is sustainable, versatile and replaces up to 60 kitchen rolls. Protect the environment from deforestation and unnecessary waste!
The washable bamboo towels from pandoo can be used in a variety of ways: for drying, wiping up spills in the kitchen, for dusting, polishing in the household or for heavy contamination in the workshop. Simply tear off the roll like normal kitchen paper and use wet or dry!

  • 1 roll with 20 tissues per pack
  • Material: 92% bamboo viscose and 8% PLA
  • Remove any coarse dirt under the tap and then wash in the washing machine at max. 40°C without fabric softener.
  • Do not iron. Not suitable for dryers.

Weight per unit area:

110-120 g / m2


Ø: 9 cm
Height: 29.5 cm
Size: 27.5cm x 29.5cm

We love it because


Wood-free kitchen roll

According to a WWF study, every German uses an average of 15 kilograms of hygiene paper (such as handkerchiefs, toilet paper and paper kitchen rolls) per year. This corresponds to over 7 billion paper kitchen rolls per year.

Compared to wood, bamboo grows much faster and can be harvested after just 3-5 years. This means more paper can be produced on the same area and important forests can be preserved.

With every pandoo bamboo kitchen roll you are choosing against deforestation and protecting our remaining rainforests.

Reusable kitchen paper

In 2017, 346,831 tons of waste from disposable products were generated in Germany. A large proportion of waste is not recycled. With the pandoo bamboo towels you avoid the waste of around 60 conventional kitchen rolls.

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About the brand


Our mission at pandoo is to reduce pollution and deforestation. Wherever possible, we try to avoid disposable products entirely. Unfortunately, there is not yet a sustainable alternative for all of these products. We are trying to develop more sustainable alternatives by making them from natural and fast-growing raw materials such as bamboo. All of our products are manufactured in such a way that they can easily and conveniently find their place in your home. This small change is the only thing that will do our planet good. Because every plastic product, no matter how small, that you avoid in your everyday life makes a difference.

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Dispose of the kitchen towels in the residual waste.
Dispose of cardboard tube in the waste paper bin.


Dispose of brown paper in the waste paper trash.
Dispose of white paper in the residual waste.

Produced in:

Zhejiang Province, China


Our producer is BSCI certified