Plastic-free disposable straws made from plant fibers


Every drink naturally heavenly
The pandoo disposable straw made of bamboo fibers and plant starch is bendable, biodegradable and does not soften. No matter whether it's a soda, smoothie or cocktail: with pandoo straws you can enjoy all drinks without a guilty conscience!
  • Contains 50 pieces per pack
  • They are suitable for all drinks: carbonated, alcoholic, cold and hot drinks (0°C to 80°C).
  • The drinking straws are bendable, tasteless and do not soften even over long periods of time.
  • Material: Made of 70% bamboo and 30% plant starch
  • The straws are biodegradable. Due to their flammability, we recommend disposing of the straws in the trash.


Ø: 8 mm
Length: 21 cm

We love it because


Ban single-use plastic products!

In 2017, 346,831 tons of disposable tableware and to-go packaging were generated in Germany alone. This included 105,524 tons of plastic. This is the frightening result of a NABU study from 2018.

Drink once and throw it in the trash! The plastic tubes may be small, but their impact on our environment is enormous, as the NABU figures show. To counteract this, you can of course do without straws entirely or use reusable alternatives, such as our washable bamboo straws. However, reusable drinking straws are too time-consuming to clean or are impractical due to their handling in everyday catering or for parties and events. The pandoo bamboo disposable straws are the ideal alternative: they are bendable and tasteless. After 90 days, the drinking straws are almost completely broken down by microorganisms in the environment. This way you can be sure that your café or event is not contributing to environmental pollution.

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About the brand


Our mission at pandoo is to reduce pollution and deforestation. Wherever possible, we try to avoid disposable products entirely. Unfortunately, there is not yet a sustainable alternative for all of these products. We are trying to develop more sustainable alternatives by making them from natural and fast-growing raw materials such as bamboo. All of our products are manufactured in such a way that they can easily and conveniently find their place in your home. This small change is the only thing that will do our planet good. Because every plastic product, no matter how small, that you avoid in your everyday life makes a difference.

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Cardboard 100% plastic-free and biodegradable.
Dispose of the packaging in the waste paper waste.

Produced in:

新北市, 台灣


Our producer does not yet have BSCI certification, but we are working on it together!

No tree has to be cut down for my lemonade!

Another alternative to plastic straws is the paper version. However, making disposable products that are only used for a few seconds from valuable wood is not an optimal solution. That's why we decided to rely on the fast-growing resource bamboo. The natural disposable straws are also more practical to use: they do not soften even over a long period of time.