Odo and the Beginning of a Great Journey


Odo lives happily and contentedly with her mother in a beautiful village near Accra in Ghana. She loves playing catch or hide-and-seek with her friends. And when thick gray clouds pile up in the sky, they perform happy dances in the rain. But then Odo finds out that her mom wants to emigrate to Germany with her! She can't imagine leaving her friends behind at all. Thinking about it makes her heart feel heavy. Will Odo manage to overcome her fear?

Children's book, Hardcover

Reading age: 6 years and older

Hardcover: 52 pages

We love it because


The authors and illustrators at Gratitude Verlag do a great job when it comes to presenting stories in which a wide variety of people, with different backgrounds, with physical limitations, with different sexual orientations and religions, can see and recognize themselves in books.


About the publisher

The gratitude publishing house was founded in 2019 by the actress, speaker and author Dayan Kodua. It stands for communicating diversity and empowerment through stories and is one of the few publishers that exclusively publishes books with BPoC heroes. By identifying with these diverse heroes, children and young people of all backgrounds should be encouraged to discover their own potential. In this way, gratitude Verlag actively contributes to a diverse German literary landscape and a positively developing society.

At the same time, gratitude Verlag would like to help BPoC newcomer authors and illustrators gain more visibility. Because it is difficult to gain a foothold in the literary world as a person who has been part of the white majority society since birth, for BPoC authors and illustrators it means a completely different kind of struggle and requires a different kind of courage to achieve the same goal. Gratitude Verlag recognizes this and wants to give precisely these people the opportunity to reach children and young people with their words or pictures.