miniland doll caucasian dark blonde girl with vitiligo 38cm


This Miniland doll with vitiligo aims to promote the values ​​of equality among children, regardless of their origin, gender or condition. It enables children to become aware of diversity and to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance.

  • Made from high quality soft vinyl with a light vanilla scent. This doll is also recyclable
  • Made in Spain
  • Anatomically correct doll with realistic differences between boy and girl dolls
  • The head, arms and legs are movable and can be fully rotated so the doll can sit, stand or lie down
  • The doll is washable, which does not affect its quality and durability
  • She is 38 cm long
  • She can be dressed up with our Miniland clothing collection to complete her look
  • This model comes in a bag without underwear and clothing

In addition, you can combine this product with the Miniland teach&play educational platform with free resources and games to expand the educational experience.

With their doll collection, they want to teach little ones the values ​​of inclusion and togetherness in a playful way and encourage them to show empathy and acceptance of people of all ethnicities, genders and conditions.

Her anatomically correct dolls are the perfect toy for learning SEL (Social Emotional Learning), encouraging social skills and creativity through free play in the classroom or at home.

Each and every Miniland doll is handmade in Europe. They are made from soft vinyl and meet all European and American safety standards and regulations.

We love it because



Miniland's mission is to contribute to a world that is more open, inclusive and tolerant of diversity.

About Miniland

The future begins now with Miniland

At Miniland we believe that every child offers a great opportunity to grow and change together as a society. We know our brand is just a grain of sand, but we believe a better future is possible. A future without differences or barriers, open and respectful, full of challenges and opportunities for everyone. We not only believe in it, we also work on it.