miniland baby doll Hispanic boy with cochlear implant 38 cm hearing aid


Boy doll with hearing implant Miniland - a toy that teaches tolerance and self-acceptance.

It is very difficult for a child to get used to their own differentness or the differentness of someone close to them. You can make it easier for your little one to accept this fact. To do this, choose toys that teach openness to difference and tolerance. An unusual toy of this kind is Miniland doll with cochlear implant and audio processor. This is a unique gift idea - for both a child with hearing loss and a child with normal hearing.

Combine great fun with valuable lessons about respect, equality and (self-)acceptance!

A doll that helps the child accept their hearing impairment
Wearing a cochlear implant and an audio processor is a challenge – not just “physically”, but also psychologically. It is especially difficult for a child to get used to the “new version of himself”. This can be supported by a doll that, like its “owner,” wears a hearing implant.

This can cause the following:

  • the child will be more willing to wear an audio processor/hearing aid,
  • self-confidence is strengthened,
  • the child ceases to see himself through the prism of otherness,
  • the child becomes more open to social contacts.

A toy that teaches openness and tolerance even to children with normal hearing

This Miniland doll can also help children with normal hearing get used to the presence of friends with hearing loss around them. Playing with this doll:

  • arouses curiosity and promotes learning about the needs of people with hearing loss,
  • allows the child to better understand what hearing aids and audio processors are,
  • makes it easier to recognize and accept the needs of others,
  • contributes to the development of sensitivity and respect for others.


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Miniland's mission is to contribute to a world that is more open, inclusive and tolerant of diversity.


About Miniland

The future begins now with Miniland

At Miniland we believe that every child offers a great opportunity to grow and change together as a society. We know our brand is just a grain of sand, but we believe a better future is possible. A future without differences or barriers, open and respectful, full of challenges and opportunities for everyone. We not only believe in it, we also work on it.