My First Words: Zulu Language Book Set


This high quality Zulu language boxed set contains three sturdy board books. The collection includes a book about animals, a book about household items and a book about body parts. Each of the three books is full of eye-catching images with the corresponding Zulu word next to them.

Pass our language on to the next generation and promote literacy in our own language. Teach our little ones the Zulu translations and spellings of everyday objects and encourage interest in the language from an early age.

This box set contains 3 books: Izilwane, Ekhaya, Izitho Zomzimba

A wonderful way to pass Zulu on to the next generation. Beautiful Zulu translations and spellings of everyday objects that will spark interest in the language from an early age.

We love it because


Books that appeal immediately to young children and are designed to stimulate their curiosity and interest in a new language.


About the publisher

KOLI & OLUM.      

Ada is the co-founder and CEO of KOLI & OLUM - the largest collection of board books dedicated exclusively to teaching young children the native languages ​​of Africa. The collection includes 3 board books per language and currently covers over 21 African languages.

Ada's children were her inspiration. As a Nigerian immigrant, she wanted her second-generation American children to embrace her cultural heritage, and that included learning her language and hearing the stories Ada heard as a child. When she took a step back, she realized that the project has much broader applicability. By sharing stories and cultural aspects with children of all backgrounds, she hopes to foster future generations of global citizens who will grow up with a deeper awareness of and appreciation for African culture.