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Edwali's cheerful placemats are unique because they can be painted again and again. 

Product features:

  • Unique Edwali designs with a cheerful look
  • Painting is possible with pencil, colored pencil and felt-tip pen 
  • Placemat and painting board in one on beautiful transparent material
  • Easy to erase and repaint

We love it because


Edwali produces the placemats in the Netherlands in a sustainable and socially responsible way.


About the brand

Share emotions & gifts 

What could be better than sharing emotions through a greeting card or a gift? It was from this idea that Edwali was founded in 2011. We didn't have to search long for a company name. The combination of Edward and Alice, EdwAli, proved to be the catchy name that suited our shared dream. In the same breath, our slogan followed: Edwali...Share emotions & gifts.

Edwali products are mainly manufactured in the Netherlands.