Children's tattoo set Nature Kids


Tattoo for children - Theme: Nature Kids

These colorful tattoos are perfect for little nature lovers, animal lovers, flower children and future hobby gardeners! In this set you will find great motifs from the animal and plant world, the garden and the farm. The temporary tattoos are always well received at celebrations and are also a great gift for in between.
  •  5 tattoo sheets with different motifs
  • Simple application
  • Dermatologically tested and vegan
  • Made in Germany/Austria
  • Other designs available: Easter/Fantasy & Explorers

Instructions: Simply cut out the motif from the sheet and place it with the motif side down on the desired area of ​​skin. The skin should be clean for this. Then the tattoo is moistened with a cloth and left to take effect for 20 seconds - then you can take it off! If it is fixed with baby powder, it will last a little longer.

 Removal: Children's tattoos can be removed quickly with a little baby oil or cream.


Note: Avoid mucous membrane contact.


We love it because

It promotes creativity and lets children play together. 

Sustainably designed in Germany and produced.


About the brand

JEKA Papier und Spielwaren is a young start-up from Dresden and was founded in May 2018. The company designs and produces lovingly designed coloring products.