Can Our Earth Feel?


With short, succinct questions and evocative images, author and illustrator Marc Majewski asks readers to think about what our unique planet might be feeling, and finally asks: And you, what do you want the Earth to feel?

    For children aged 3 and above

    40 pages | hardcover edition, hardcopy


    We love it because

    The book encourages us to engage with our world and think about it. We look empathetically at the possible feelings, we feel compassion (one of the most valuable feelings of all) and we become grateful for this planet. And so the question inevitably arises: what can we do to protect or save him?



    Marc Majewski is a French author and illustrator. As a child, Marc discovered painting through the works of Gustave Doré, Maurice Sendak and Quint Buchholz. After graduating in literature and art, he studied illustration and painting. Marc is passionate about the environment and loves painting landscapes.