Kami & Mika – The Secret of the Magical Whirlpool (Hardcover)


After Kami and Mika rescued the pink chameleon Konrad, they immediately found a new task in Wolkenhain: they helped Princess Gunther prepare for the annual new princess election and were then even allowed to take part in the celebrations in the cheese castle. Before the coronation takes place, however, the siblings are caught in a magical whirlpool and end up in the desert land of Troconia. There they meet the inventor's daughter Lexi, who takes the two of them into the run-down, child-free city. While searching for fuel for a flying machine from Lexi's father's workshop, the three not only discover a missing relative of their friend Isabella, but also the reason why all the children - except Lexi - have disappeared from Troconia. Will Kami and Mika manage to get back to Wolkenhain?

Darn! When Mika secretly helps herself to the buffet during the princess election, she makes a huge mistake: Mika says the forbidden word before biting into a bombast fruit. Of course, this does not remain without consequences. Suddenly a magical whirlpool of wind appears, carrying the twins away and transporting them to a wondrous wasteland. Where did Kami and Mika end up? And more importantly: how do they get back?

Fantasy stories full of diversity, courage and friendship 

For reading aloud and reading for yourself for the first time from 6 years old


While the first volume focused, among other things, on people with disabilities and physical self-determination, the second part tells of a rainbow family with two fathers and brings empathy and empathy to the fore. Kami and Mika often disagree and are sometimes annoyed by each other's behavior. As the story progresses, however, they understand each other better and sometimes even slip into the role of siblings when the courageous Mika is sometimes afraid and the cautious Kami suddenly acts impulsively. Elsewhere, it's about approaching others with an open mind and not judging them too quickly. The story not only offers many exciting, humorous and touching moments, but also conveys important and empowering messages.


About the author

Regina Feldmann has always enjoyed taking people on journeys, whether through fictional stories or real experiences. Therefore, after studying tourism management, she worked in the tourism and events industry for over ten years. The journey took her from Malta to Dublin, via New York City, Porto and finally Berlin, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Regina Feldmann is involved in collectives and projects that promote diversity in children's literature and reviews children's and young people's books on the Afrokids Germany social media channel.

“Kami and Mika – The Fantastic Journey to Wolkenhain” is their debut.