JUNKO Box with 'Corners (with 50 corner clips)'


We love it because: CREATIVE/SUSTAINABLE

Clever and reusable corner clips (50 pieces per box) - help children (and adults) develop their creativity. The corner clips help you make cardboard toys and models.

What can you build with it? How about doll furniture, monsters, robots, houses, bridges, tunnels and much more?

The product supports your children's creativity and eliminates the need for tape and glue. 

Transform your cereal boxes, tetra packs, and corrugated cardboard into sustainable toys and let your imagination run wild!

JUNKO is made from recycled plastic and teaches children to turn trash into toys.

JOIN THE JUNKO PLAY REVOLUTION - Designing and making your own toys instead of buying many new ones is great for children's development and self-confidence. It's much friendlier to the planet, and it's a lot of fun for kids to play with a toy they have built themselves!

STEM / STEAM EDUCATIONAL TOY (educational toys with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math)Toys that promote children's creativity, construction, problem solving and motor skills .Perfect for creative boys and girls ages 5-10.

TRULY ECO-FRIENDLY TOYS - JUNKO is a brand of a British family business. It aims to show large manufacturers that great toys can be sustainably produced. JUNKO is made in Europe from recycled plastic and the packaging is plastic-free. The reusable Magic Corners connect the boxes without single-use plastics, avoiding contamination with tape and glue. And JUNKO teaches children to truly think about the waste generated at home.