Japanese doll 'Aiko' by Joeydolls


The Japanese doll "Aiko" from Joeydolls is a stunning and authentic representation of Japanese culture and tradition. Dressed in a beautiful red yukata kimono with a gorgeous pink floral pattern, a sheer yellow obi and traditional geta footwear, this doll is the epitome of Japanese elegance and beauty. The Japanese doll "Aiko" is carefully crafted with great attention to detail, with her pink kanzashi completing her elegant ensemble.

🌍 The epitome of celebration of diversity and cultural appreciation:  “Aiko” is a groundbreaking depiction of the rich diversity of Chinese culture and the diversity of Asia. She is not just a doll, but a bridge that connects hearts across cultural boundaries and promotes understanding and appreciation.

🌈 Features to Admire:  “Aiko” features culturally accurate details and a cheerful face that will make any child’s heart shine. The soft, plush and cuddly design gives children a sense of security and comfort while spreading joy with its adorable embroidered faces.

💖 The gift that matters: Perfect for children and adults alike, it is a treasured companion. Our dolls encourage open play and role-playing while nurturing young minds, normalizing diverse cultures, and promoting self-love and acceptance.

🌟 Unparalleled Quality: "Mei" is made from high-quality materials and is carefully handcrafted to ensure cultural authenticity. With a generous size of 18″, she is not just a toy, but a friend for life.

👶 Perfect for All Ages: The doll has been thoroughly tested to ensure it is safe for all ages, making it a perfect choice for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Joeydolls Cultural Asian Dolls is a proud and official gold winner of the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards®, the highest possible recognition and sets the gold standard for family-friendly toys and is committed to diversity and representation.


Why do we love Joeydoll?

1. The most diverse Asian cultural dolls in the world: The Joeydolls are a global tribute to the richness of Asian culture and ensure that children of all cultures can identify with them.

2. Designed to be a child's friend for life: A Joeydoll is not just a toy, but a lifelong companion that grows with your child.

3. Soft and cuddly for young children: Our dolls, crafted with love and care, are soft and cuddly, providing endless comfort and joy to the little ones.

4. Safe play for all ages: From babies on up, it is approved for worry-free playtime! Certified for ages 0+.

5. Culturally Accurate Clothing for Educational and Fun Creative Play: The dolls are authentically dressed and help children learn about different Asian cultures while enjoying imaginative play.


About the brand


"The idea for Joeydolls took root during the pandemic, a time when my photography and videography business came to a halt. Witnessing the surge in Anti-Asian hate worldwide while being confined at home, I felt a deep need to make a positive impact. That’s when I decided to pivot and channel my passion towards combating racism, colorism, and nurturing a sense of worth and love among young children. Joeydolls became my platform to achieve this, while also celebrating the beauty of Asian culture." - Samantha, an entrepreneur, business owner, and mother of two beautiful girls

Founded by a real mother with children on her mind: Samantha, the founder, is not only an entrepreneur, but also a loving mother who is committed to ensuring that her daughters grow up with pride in their heritage.

Joeydolls is a boutique toy store offering the world's most diverse Asian dolls. We make a wide range of ethnically and culturally diverse dolls for children. Joeydolls are the ideal companions for children and are inspired by the cultures of Asia. Your little ones will love our adorable and playful dolls.