Postcard 'finally a schoolchild' by ellou


Schoolchild! A postcard for a variety of congratulations.

A congratulations card for the school child. Magically sweet designed by ellou. What a start to school.

Finally a school child! The first day of school is something very special for all children. These three children, a white child with glasses, a girl of color in a wheelchair and a black child, are also really looking forward to meeting their new classmates.

To new friendships!

Great gift for the school cone!


Different children with different skin tones, body shapes, with and without disabilities, gendered and gender-neutral children


About the design label ellou

The designer behind the adorable Diversity postcards, posters and Christmas cards is the mother of a Black child. And because she thought there was too little diversity in the stationery sector, she quickly created these beautiful motifs.

This beautiful postcard comes from ellou, a label specializing in diversity in design. The card is made of high quality material. The inside view of the card is blank and can be freely designed.