Unicorn Organic Flower Mix in a Pot


The unicorn-inspired plant set inspires young children to get to know gardening and plants for the first time.

This plant set contains:

  • a terracotta pot with a diameter of 5.5 cm
  • a pellet of dehydrated and compressed coconut soil with a diameter of 3 cm
  • a bag of mixed flower seeds

Culture mode:

  • Rehydrate the coconut soil pellet to approximately 5 to 6 times its water volume, it will quickly swell under your eyes.
  • Fill the growing pot with soil and set some aside for later.
  • Sow some seeds and cover them with coconut soil.
  • Water with fine water rain and only moisten the soil, but keep it permanently moist.
  • In approximately 12 days, the plants will grow out of the soil. 
  • When they are 5 to 8 cm tall, repot into larger pots. you can put them out on sunny days starting in April.

It's never too early to learn about the joys of gardening. For easy-to-grow plants all year round.

Made in France.