The Book of Feminism


“The Book of Feminism” is a colorful introduction to intersectional feminism for the next generation of activists.
In this handbook for children and young adults aged 10 and over, the successful author Jamia Wilson the points where gender, race, class, ability, sexuality and culture meet. She tells her own story, gives the relevant statistics and quotes and invites her readers to find their own answer to the question: “What does feminism actually mean today?”


  • A new feminist standard work for young adults

  • Intersectional and inclusive: A book for everyone!

  • Covers 15 topics related to feminism: from money and health, to media and activism, to relationships and education

  • Outstandingly illustrated by the French star graphic designer Aurélia Durand

Perfect for children aged 10 and above.

168 pages | hardcover edition, hardcopy

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We met and fell in love in 2012 when Anna was on a language trip to Berlin. Initially, Anna lived in Warsaw, where she studied linguistics, and Lukas lived in Berlin, where he set up his first company. After a few years of long-distance relationship, connected by the Berlin-Warsaw express train, Anna moved to Berlin, and in 2016 we got married on a beach in the Seychelles. What connected us from the start: We love books and are proud of our large bookshelf.

In 2018, happiness became perfect: our twins Zoë and Vincent were born. Now we bought children's books in the three languages ​​our children are growing up with: German, English and Polish. We noticed that many wonderful children's books are available in one language but not in the other. That's why we, a translator and an entrepreneur, decided to publish these books ourselves!

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