Cinderella - A Modern Retelling


A magical love story, retold for the modern world!


Discover Fairy Tales Retold's magical retelling of Cinderella. An iconic fairy tale is given a beautiful twist, becoming a true love story about overcoming self-doubt to achieve true happiness:

  • An empowered Cinderella who takes control of her destiny!
  • A familiar tale of balls, slippers, pumpkins and stepmothers
  • A story about love for family and for oneself!

    Included in each order
    • A 64-page, hardback, full-colour copy of Cinderella
    • Customised Bookmark


    We love it because


    Empowering our daughter is an important part of raising her to become a confident and courageous young woman. This retelling of old classic fairy tales  removes the homogenous characters and patriarchal messages and replaces them with exciting adventures, and inspiring characters. No longer must girls wait for a hero to come save them but can find the unlikeliest hero's within themselves.

    About the Publisher / Author / Illustrator

    Not so long ago, in a city you most likely have heard of and may even have been to, a soon to be middle-aged, balding dad whilst laying in bed reading good night stories to his little baby daughter noticed something strange. It seemed that all princesses in these fairy tales needed to be saved and that their most important characteristic was their beauty.

    He did not like that at all. He didn’t want his daughter to grow up in this kind of world. So, while reading, he started changing little words here and there. All of a sudden a ‘beautiful’ princess became a ‘brave’ one and he saw the sparkle in his daughter’s eyes!

    From this came the idea of Fairy Tales Retold, with a simple, yet powerful premise:

    Changing one word can change everything!



    Claudia Piras a valiant artist from Sardinia  created the illustrations for Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.