Little Leaders “Courageous Women of Black History”


Making the World a Better Place: Stories of Courageous Black Women!

Little Leaders” introduces 40 women from Black history who have achieved extraordinary things: For example, NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who put people on the moon. Or Bessie Coleman, the world's first African-American female pilot. And the first black female astronaut – Dr. Mae Jemison! Brave women who changed the world and should be role models for all children.

“Little Leaders” is the second volume in the New York Times bestselling series and follows “Little Dreamers.” Once again, Vashti has HarrisonThe women in the book are not only excellently illustrated, but also described with interesting short biographies, the children Ages 8 and up can easily read for themselves.

We are particularly pleased that our translator Ciani-Sophia Hoeder is also introducing May Ayim, Natasha Kelly and Shary Reeves, three personalities from Germany that every child should know!

"Little Leaders" shows us brave, courageous women. Whether they put pen to paper, soared through the skies, or advocated for the rights of others - the women featured stood up for a world where they were not always accepted. It is all the more important that children learn their stories!

  • Poets, scientists and politicians: female role models from all areas

  • Against All Odds: Black Women Who Paved the Way for Future Generations

  • Never let it get you down! A children's book against racism and misogyny

  • From Phillis Wheatley to Dominique Dawes: Strong women through the ages

  • Which woman is your greatest role model? Inspirational gift for girls aged 6 and over


For children aged 6 and above

96 pages | hardcover edition, hardcopy

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Vashti Harrison is an author, illustrator, and filmmaker based in Brooklyn. She is passionate about creating stories, both for the film and children's worlds. Her artwork is rooted in Caribbean folklore.