Florian (by JR & Vanessa Ford)


Empowering and protecting transgender children: A book of encouragement for children, parents, and educators!

Florian is trans. For as long as he can remember, he has known that he is a boy at heart and in mind. When he finally finds the courage to tell his parents and grandparents about it, they react with understanding and support. Suddenly everything changes and Florian's self-confidence blossoms: he now wears the same swimming trunks as his brother and can finally be seen for who he is. Whether the children and teachers at school behave with understanding and welcome him?

With “Florian”, the author couple JR and Vanessa Ford reflect the experiences of their trans child and thereby encourage families, friends and educators to support trans people on their path to their own identity.

  • Addresses trans existence
  • Inspiration for parents, families and educators of trans children
  • With versatile, colorful illustrations from everyday children's life drawn by Kayla Harren

"We love you, regardless of whether you are a girl, a boy, neither or both" is Florian's parents' loving response to his coming out. This takes away your fears and inspires you. Thanks to family support, Florian is also addressed by his new name at school and in everyday life and is quickly accepted for who he is.

This children's book is an example of how brightly trans children can shine when given the chance. We just have to support them!


For children aged 4 and above

40 pages | hardcover edition, hardcopy

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