We children of the world (We live so differently!)


We live so differently!
No matter what skin color, religion or nationality, there are fascinating traditions around the world on occasions and events that we all share.
Why do children in Malawi and Zimbabwe throw their baby teeth on the roof?
Where does one play the conch trumpet?
Why do children in some countries have their earlobes pulled on their birthdays?
A colorful non-fiction picture book, chock-full of strange, funny, surprising information about games, milk tooth myths, sayings, festivals, food, animal friends, lucky charms, hiccup medicine and much more. The little globetrotters also learn different words in other languages ​​such as “Hello”, “Mama” and “Dad”. Our world is so colorful and diverse. But we are so similar when we celebrate, play and laugh!

For reading aloud and reading from age 4



A cheerful, colorful and very informative picture book for little globetrotters and a great way to get in touch with each other

About the author

Moira Butterfield spent her childhood in many different places in Great Britain and Africa. She then began studying literature and became a children's book author. She loves traveling and has almost achieved her goal of visiting every continent on earth. She lives in the west of England.

Harriet Lyas was born and raised in Korea. She loved doodling and decided to become an illustrator when she was ten. She made this dream come true. Today she lives north of London as a children's book illustrator with her husband and their son. When she's not drawing, she enjoys cooking exotic food or going for walks in the countryside.

Stephanie Menge is a freelance broadcast writer and translator. She studied German, journalism and modern history in Münster (Westphalia) and completed the Radcliffe Publishing Course in Cambridge (USA). Today she lives with her family in Berlin.