Mama Superstar


Eleven courageous portraits about unconditional love and cultural diversity. Mama Superstar takes us to, among other places, war-torn South Korea, hot India, lively Mexico and hopeful Iraq. Above all, the book takes us to the places where the migrant mothers' daughters grew up: quiet Kelkheim, tidy Stuttgart and multicultural Berlin. Inspiring, funny and extremely honest.

We recommend this book for teenagers and adults. 

The authors: Melisa Manrique and Manik Chander have something in common: both have mothers who left their homeland to find a new home in another country. Through their work, the young activists celebrate the migration stories of their own mothers and have created a unique monument to mothers and migrants. Her project Migrant Mama (@mymigrantmama), which was discussed in detail in the media, was awarded the German Integration Prize, among other things.


We love it because


Mentor have great books for children and adults. We like the themes of the books as well as the sustainable, diverse, inclusive and empowering approach.  

About the publisher

Mentor Verlag is an independent, owner-managed publisher from Berlin - recently also part of the Kurt Wolff Foundation's circle of friends.

We, the two young publishers Philipp and Niclas, co-founded the start-up campus “Factory” eight years ago and love building communities. As a publisher, we're all about community and great books - for children and adults. Topics relating to children's education, sustainability, healthy living, but also social coexistence as a whole are important to us.

We are now able to work with authors such as Francesca Cavallo, Ronja von Rönne, Jimmy Kimmel and Lupita Nyong'o.