I go to daycare and what do mom and dad do?


What do moms and dads actually do all day? First story read for children aged 24 months and over

Lara and Elias always have a lot to do at daycare: swapping breakfast snacks, treating cuddly toys and building the biggest towers. But what do mom and dad actually do when the children are in daycare - are they bored? Of course not! In this little read-aloud story we learn that Lara's mom also builds tall towers and her dad, as a nurse, doesn't make cuddly toys, but he does treat people.

  • Board book for children aged 2 and up with a daycare story about professions
  • Small insights into the working world of adults
  • Offers nice opportunities for conversation between child and parents


The book is highly recommended because it shows children very clearly what a parent's everyday work might look like. The book is also a wonderful working basis for daycare centers that can be used in projects about parenting.


About the author

Jutta Wilke, born in 1963, read every book she could get her hands on as a child. After graduating from high school, she wanted to become a journalist, but instead she became a lawyer. But after 12 years she hung up her robe and finally did what she enjoyed most: writing children's books. Literary awards:>Black as Snow>Segeberger Feder 2013, Shortlist<

Eleni Livanios was born in Graz as the daughter of an Austrian mother and a Greek father. After studying art history, she realized her childhood dream of working as an author and illustrator for children's and young adult book publishers. She lives in Graz with her two children and her partner and enjoys spending her free time with her Icelandic horse. Eleni Livanios gives readings and organizes drawing and writing workshops for children and young people.