Ballerina girl


Unique Ballerina Stickers with unique motifs.

Each sticker is unique and designed with great attention to detail. Illustrated by Garcia Suka Arthur using the iPad & App Procreate.

• Material: Vinyl printed stickers
• Matte surface
• Dimensions: 55 x 41 mm
• 100% dishwasher safe + waterproof

Please note: Clear stickers have a white backing and will not appear transparent until peeled from the backing.


We love it because



Get to know the founder & initiator


“We also belong to society!”

Garcia Suka Arthur came up with the idea of ​​making her own stickers for Christmas in 2020 because she couldn't find any Black Santa Claus stickers in Germany. Moments like this remind Garcia that there is still little to no access and representation for BIPoc in Germany. She quickly decided to make a contribution to her community in Germany and close this gap. Her goal was to found a company that would solve exactly the same problem that she herself faced as a black woman in Germany:

- Lack of representation and access to appropriate stationery & gift items featuring illustrations for Black, Indigenous and People of Color

With Made by Black Excellence she wants to help close this gap and contribute to the community in Germany. As a mother, but also as a black woman, she knows how important representation and recognition are.