Baby sling gray with hearts – including baby bib & bag


  •  Sling with a modern design: The HECKBO baby sling is developed with a modern, timeless design that is elastic and at the same time durable. The gray sling with the dark gray hearts is unisex and fits women and men with a petite to strong figure.
  • INCLUDING BABY BIBS & BAG: Something very special was thought up for you for the HECKBO baby sling! In every package you will receive 1 baby bib in a matching heart design for free. The bib has adjustable snap fasteners and is suitable for babies up to approx. 36 months. The bib is very absorbent and can protect your clothes from spit, saliva, etc. There is also a bag included in which the cloth can be stored and taken with you when traveling.
  • HIGH-QUALITY & SOFT MATERIAL: Your and your child's well-being is very important to us! Therefore, our products for children are subject to strict quality control. We have selected the materials used with great care. The HECKBO wrap is made of 95% cotton and 5% polyester, which makes it particularly soft, breathable and comfortably elastic. To make the child more comfortable to sit and carry, we have also increased the height of the cloth.
  • EASY TO USE: With the enclosed German and English wrapping instructions and the matching pictures, you can tie the sling correctly in no time. Our scarf has a size of 520cm x 60cm and the narrow ends and the contrast stitching recommended by experts also make knotting the scarf even easier.
  • VERSATILE: With our ergonomic scarf you can carry your child safely and relaxed through everyday life. Your back and arms are relieved and you have the necessary privacy while breastfeeding. The heartfelt contact promotes the parent and child bond. By being in close contact with you, your child will become significantly calmer.


Baby sling gray with hearts - including baby bib & bag - extra large: 520 x 60 cm - high-quality & elastic baby sling wrap for newborns & babies up to 15 kg


We love it because

These are high-quality products for parents and children with an attractive design and Made in Germany.

About the brand

HECKBO Germany GmbH is a family business from Germany that was founded in 2018. They develop high-quality products for parents and children with attractive designs.