All Colors of Life (Hardcover)


No one illustrates people's hopes, fears and dreams as movingly as Lisa Aisato. For 'All Colors of Life' she has selected her best images - both classics and previously unpublished illustrations. Together with poetic sentences, they accompany us through life. They tell of love, worry and great joy. About childhood, in which the summers are particularly green and the winters are particularly white. From youth with the big emotional storms. And about adulthood, which also has many adventures in store.


  • With All Colors of Life, the artist has created a wonderful, cross-generational and diverse illustrated book that connects and inspires many conversations and dreams. This illustrated book is a collection of wonderful illustrations that, on the one hand, bring back memories and, on the other hand, can bring out all kinds of feelings. A firework of colors and emotions that makes this book interesting for all ages and can lead to many conversations about the past and dreams for the future.

  • Life in its beautiful, painful, sad, funny and typical way - shows Lisa Aisato in All Colors of Life. From gray everyday life to magical moments. From childhood to the end. Full of love, humor, winks, magic, hope, joy, worry, frustration and wealth of detail. Every picture tells a story in itself. The few but wonderfully nuanced words leave space for thoughts, memories and emotions. A homage to life in all its diverse and fascinating colors, facets and shapes. Impressive and incredibly beautiful.


  • A generational book that gives you courage to live and encourages conversation, but above all invites you to delve into your own memories and savor the full, intense fullness of a life in your thoughts.

For children aged 7 and above

192 pages | hardcover edition, hardcopy


We love it because

This small but beautiful story shows how easy it could be to encourage everyone to be more diverse and open.

“Everyone should live as they please.” An important message for our society and one that still requires a lot of courage to implement.

The little protagonist of the story shows how easy it could be.
The text is packaged in various rhyme schemes and adapts beautifully to the attractive illustrations. Simple and pretty, but meaningful and powerful.



Lisa Aisato is Norway's most popular and well-known illustrator. She has written six children's books of her own and illustrated the books of many well-known authors, including Maja Lunde's bestseller 'The Snow Sister' and Klaus Hagerup's 'The Girl Who Wanted to Save the Books'.