Africa Memory Game


The Africa Memory Game is a simple game that can be played by the whole family. We created maps with food, cultural artifacts, landmarks, clothing, animals and people.

The cards have an image on one side and each image appears on two cards. The game begins with the cards face down and players take turns revealing two cards. If the two cards show the same picture, keep the cards, otherwise turn the cards over again. The winner is the one who has the most cards when all cards have been taken.


      We love it because


      Very Puzzled offers families from all backgrounds the opportunity to explore and learn more about the richness of Africa and the African-Caribbean community.


      About Very Puzzled

      Very Puzzled is a brand that specializes in producing puzzles with African and Caribbean themes. Designed for children, these puzzles provide a fun learning experience that appeals to both children and parents. With a wide range of products, Very Puzzled enables families of all cultures to discover the cultural diversity and richness of the African continent and the African American and Afro-Caribbean communities in a playful way.