Colored rulers made of RE-Wood® with milled divisions
(Cuisinaires and Dienes system combined)

11 ones white 1x1x1 cm, 5 twos red 2x1x1 cm, 4 threes green 3x1x1 cm, 3 fours pink 4x1x1 cm, 2 fives yellow 5x1x1 cm, 1 sixes dark green 6x1x1 cm, 1 sevens black 7x1x1 cm, 1 eights brown 8x1x1 cm, 1 nines blue 9x1x1 cm, 1 tenner orange 10x1x1 cm.


1. Discovering the number range 1 - 10
2. Assigning colors to corresponding numbers
3. Formation of the concept of number - development of the tens
Place value system
4. Access to all basic arithmetic operations through visible ones
Assignment and comprehensible, playful learning
5. Support the transition from the visual image of the
number space to the mathematically abstract calculation process

17 x 16 x 3.5 cm

30 calculators in 10 different colors, 1 instruction manual in German

We love it because


Wissner's learning games are based on the motto of active learning - seeing, speaking, acting and helping children to deepen what they have learned at school through play. Tried and tested in schools, the learning games are a great addition to school lessons. 

About the brand

As a family-run company, we don't think in quarters, but in generations. That's why we have always tried to harmonize our production requirements with the idea of ​​sustainability.

We keep our ecological footprint as low as possible, also taking economic and social aspects into account. So that we can not only offer future generations useful and valuable teaching and learning materials/games, but also preserve a planet worth living in. 

For this reason, our products are mostly made from the recycled materials RE-Wood® and RE-Plastic®. At RE-Wood® we only use 100% recycled wood residues and consistently return the raw materials used to their product cycle. Cradle to cradle.
We reuse production waste and thus achieve material utilization of over 98%. When it comes to packaging material, we largely avoid plastic films and only use cardboard material.

Through our regional and personal collaboration with our suppliers, we can implement our high sustainability requirements and check them at any time. We do not use any toxic or environmentally hazardous substances.

Through state-of-the-art production facilities and the use of solar energy, we achieve almost CO2-neutral production. Even when shipping, we ensure compliance with sustainability and CO2 neutrality.