12 skin tone colored pencils or 12 skin tones pencils


Each of us is unique and that's a good thing. With the skin-colored crayons, children can finally paint themselves and their friends as they really look.


We love it because

The education of our children not only influences their lives, but also the future of our society. Discrimination-free education is essential, but why? Here are a few reasons:

Building healthy self-esteem: Children who are raised without discrimination build healthy self-esteem. They realize that they are unique and valuable just as they are.

Development of empathy: Children who appreciate the diversity of people around them develop stronger empathic abilities. They learn to empathize with others and understand their perspectives.

Strengthening social skills: When children understand that differences are normal and valuable, they are better able to interact with people from different backgrounds and worldviews. You also learn to resolve conflicts and make compromises.

Building a just society: Discrimination-free education is a step towards a more just society. It teaches children that every person deserves equal rights and opportunities. Children are the adults of tomorrow who will shape the future.


Product Information

Children want to paint themselves and their friends inside as they really look! 12 sustainable, different skin color pens, recommended by educators.

✓ High-quality colored pencils in an ergonomic hexagonal format
✓ Wood from sustainably managed forests with PEFC seal
✓ Packaging made from recycled cardboard
✓ Soft lead for drawing and blending


About the brand

Many different approaches are necessary on the way to a more open society. With Skin Colors, skin colors focus on the youngest members of our society. Through their products, children can discover the value of diversity for themselves.

Because children are born without prejudices. In order to prevent stereotypes from being unconsciously learned at a young age, education and awareness from us as parents, educators or carers plays a major role. In this way, we make an important contribution towards a more open, prejudice-free society.

Non-profit projects instead of profit 

100% of Skin Color's proceeds go to GoVolunteer and HiMate's nonprofit integration projects, which are as diverse as our society. As a non-profit organization, they make profits.