Standing Up to Racism: A lift-the-flap board book


An introduction to standing up to racism for young children and their families, with flaps to lift

It's never too early to teach children to be antiracist, and this lift-the-flap book is a great toolkit for young children and their families alike. It's all about recognizing and celebrating the differences that make people who they are, and explains in age-appropriate language what racism is and how to help stand up to it.

Find Out About: Racism helps curious preschoolers understand how other children live and the different challenges everyone faces, which is key for developing empathy. With flaps to lift, this is an excellent, interactive book for children and their parents and carers to share together.

Reading Age: 1-2 years
Language: English
Board picture book: ‎18 pages

Why we love this book

Useful discussion tool for parents and young children

This lift-the-flap book is designed as a tool for parents and young children to talk about racism. Aimed at recognising the differences between people and their cultures it explains in (mostly) age-appropriate language what racism is and how to stand up to it.

With illustrations by Louise Forshaw, this is a hardback book with lift-the-flap pages to show outcomes. It isn’t a storybook but gives examples of things children might come across in their everyday lives, such as someone who thinks a particular skin colour is better or more important than another. With examples of sharing and fairness, it shows positive ways of treating people who are different to ourselves.


    About the author and other contributors

    Pragya Agarwal is a behavioural and data scientist, who has worked as a consultant and speaker for the United Nations, UNESCO, Environment Agency, NHS, UK Police Commissioners, Cabinet Office, US Defence Services, etc and various international universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, Koblenz, Imperial College and so on. Pragya has held a Leverhulme Fellowship and senior academic positions in US and UK Universities for over 12 years. She has also held fellowships at University of California- Santa Barbara, University of Melbourne and Johns Hopkins University.

    Pragya is the author of a number of academic books and numerous scholarly articles, and three non-fiction books and many articles for a general audience. Her writing has appeared in Guardian, Prospect, Forbes, Huffington Post, BBC Science Focus, Scientific American, WIRED and New Scientist, Wellcome Collection, as well as magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Elle and so on. Her creative non-fiction writing also appears in a number of literary magazines. Besides non-fiction books for adults, she has also recently written her first book for children. She is a two-time TEDx speaker and has appeared as an expert on many international podcasts and shows such as NPR, BBC Women's Hour, BBC Radio 4 'The Spark' and Darren Brown's podcast 'The Bigoted Brain'.

    Louise was born in 1987 - most likely with a pencil in her hand! Her passion for drawing started at around 4 years old. Nothing was safe from her coloured pencils! She spent most of her childhood watching cartoons and drawing comics to give to her favourite teachers. She went on to graduate from Newcastle College in 2008 with a BA Hons in Illustration and Animation. Louise works from home in a small studio (and sometimes from the sofa) being supervised by three noisy and very naughty Jack Russell Terriers.