Mira's Curly Hair


Mira doesn't like her hair. It curls in the front. It frizzes in the back. It frizzes everywhere! She wants it to be straight and smooth, just like her mum's. But then something unpredictable happens.... and Mira will never see her mum's hair like that again! A delightful celebration of natural hair and the courage to be yourself.

For anyone who has ever wished for straighter, curlier, smoother, lighter, or darker hair, Mira's story of discovery, self-acceptance, and love will be a refreshing glimpse of the natural beauty found in everyone's unique features.

We recommend this book for children ages 2 and upwards. 

Hair; natural curls; courage; mother-daughter relationships.


  • A celebration of natural hair - a timely topic that promotes empowerment and self-esteem in children and young women.
  • Stories from different cultures promote empathy and understanding #WeNeedDiverseBooks Inspired by a real event involving the author's daughter.
  • Beautiful, full-colour illustrations by an illustrator who has won awards worldwide.

Children's book, paperback

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LANTANA: "We believe that the importance of reading for pleasure cannot be overstated. A combination of academic research, empirical study and common sense shows that when children identify with books - their settings, themes or characters - they are more likely to enjoy reading them. At Lantana, we’re proud to publish books in which a greater number of children can see themselves reflected, because our books feature characters from under-represented and marginalised groups who are rarely the main characters in stories. This way, we hope to ignite the spark that will grow into a lifelong love of reading."


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