Children's Tattoo Set Fantasy


On the 5 tattoo sheets for children you will find many magical elements and characters from the colorful fantasy world: everything from unicorns to princesses to mermaids is included. The colorful, temporary children's tattoos are ideal as a small gift and are always well received at children's birthday parties. The perfect tattoo set for little fantasy fans.

  •  5 tattoo sheets with different motifs
  • Simple application
  • Dermatologically tested and vegan
  • Made in Germany/Austria
  • Other designs available: Easter/Fantasy & Explorers

Instructions: Simply cut out the motif from the sheet and place it with the motif side down on the desired area of ​​skin. The skin should be clean for this. Then the tattoo is moistened with a cloth and left to take effect for 20 seconds - then you can take it off! If it is fixed with baby powder, it will last a little longer.

 Removal: Children's tattoos can be removed quickly with a little baby oil or cream.


Note: Avoid mucous membrane contact.


We love it because

It promotes creativity and lets children play together. 

Sustainably designed in Germany and produced.


About the brand

JEKA Papier und Spielwaren is a young start-up from Dresden and was founded in May 2018. The company designs and produces lovingly designed coloring products.