Diversity gift box (doll and book)


With this ethnic doll and bilingual book combo from Lingo Babies, Kidsimply is encouraging more diversity in playrooms. 

The beautiful gift box can easily be reused as a storage box.

Content: A doll and a book

The pretty ethnic dolls are dressed in bright and fun outfits with different variations.

  • They have a size of 26cm
  • With a soft body 
  • Are available in different versions
  • It is the perfect gift
  • Mild vanilla aroma that creates an atmosphere of emotional well-being.

The educational value is very important as it promotes the integration and learning of the different cultures of the world.

Happy with Me is a bilingual book that helps children around the world learn and appreciate self-love. 

The idea behind the book is to give children the support and confidence to be happy with themselves and in their own skin. No matter where in the world you come from...The book contains a variety of characters with the message that we should all love each other and support each other to be the beautiful that is within us.

It is a positive diverse children's book that helps children learn and appreciate self-love, because every child is unique in their own special way. Only with self-love can you be truly happy.

The bilingual versions of this book are intended to help children/parents learn another language together.